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Specially for FEMALE, Weight loss challenge

Yes, this is only Specially for FEMALE, Weight loss challenge!

My little sister died from the same illness I also had when I was a kid, but I survive.

My best chef and cooking trainer GrandMa from my Mother’s side died from cancer and sort of distress.

Yet, I did having beautiful lovely experience with my 2 Great GrandMas living beyond 100.

And maybe because of my curiosity on the differences between the Adams and Eves or Male and Female, eventually – I have more female friends than same fellow male friends. Even, when I studied while being musician in Taiwan – I lived with 2 Germans and 1 British all ladies and I was the only boy in the house. Hahahahah.

Learning is for a life-time, even so while being forced to homeschool our (me and my wife (“,)) only born daughter (other 3 did not make it) because of needing special health care which strangely more commonly found in European countries. Wow! But, strangely enough – my Mom and especially My Dentist Aunty had that too when they were kids – too easy to get bruice and got those blueish color when got bumped. And by the way, My Mom is rather obese, while my aunty is normal. Oops, My deceased GrandMa was also obese and so most of her sisters – no male was obese. Strange, right?

After being reminded on healthy eating living when I was studying and living in UK at Brockwood Park, the beautiful Hampshire – it rang a bell on some discussions on food and drinks – that we are actually just like chemical walking engines. What comes in is processed, the good ones are taken in and used up – but the bad ones and left overs are pushed out of our bodies. Yup!

Just like this picture below is what we see if we open the boot of our cars. Hahahahah.
4 Offers: Fat Burning Kitchen, 101 Anti-aging Foods, Truthaboutabs Etc (Only and if only anybody needs general healthy fat burning diet.

And then experiencing how I and my wife have to be very very careful with our daughter’s diet and precautious physical activities, which according to the Physician or the Doctor at that time just came back home from studying in Germany – no need medication – just arrange the diet plus vitamins and other supplements needed – according to him. And after a short while, our daughter started giving us good sign – from obese “moon face” to a very beautiful lovely daughter and could take Ice Skating class, Mandarin Class, Dancing Class, etc while still homeschooling. Now? Well, she is working for a Korean company in Jakarta – and She picked up her Korean by learning via the Internet you can find the link on the right menu, too!

So, again and again I found obese problems with female even so there are some males, too! Of course, we are same human but again with different soft of technology processing inside our bodies.

If you want (and actually anybody can or want) to exercise only, then just join the best most complete and well equipped fitness center closest to your home. Or even buy some of those gears yourself.

But, if you want to get your best result, then ……

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