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Recovering from money oriented sites scam hopefully cured by Tap2Earn

After losing time, losing money, losing patience, losing friends, losing face, etc shameful experience caused by things too good to be true. Now, recovering from money oriented sites scam hopefully cured by Tap2Earn.

The reason I take up this Tap2Earn:

1. Very simple and straight forward to register.

2. All have ToDOs can be studied and learnt.

3. REFER: Just by sharing my inks via my Facebooks, Twitters, Instagram, BLOGs, WhatsAPP, LINE, no good for Pinterest, etc. I don’t have any problem with getting clicks, I’ve got plenty followers and subscribers plus friends and relatives all over the world. Am I kidding? No, serious! All over the world! I was born among a well mixed cosmopolitan very big olden days families, studied in Taiwan and playing music then being quite famous as a multi instruments singer musician, studied in UK living in a very well mixed international community, travelled quite a bit: nearly all Asean countries, nearly all Western Europe, some part of USA, Nearly all part of Indonesia, nearly all part of UK except Cornwall, Russia & Kenya. So, let us be friends – subscribe and be my referrals. I will be travelling again when I am retired from the musical distributor company working for since early 1990. Through which, I have been escorting various top brands endorsed artists, collaborating with various international brands’ R&Ds, etc. But, I don’t spam! I only use common traffic networks I am part of.

4. TASKs: Just do it even though some tasks need repeating, but eventually are done. Too difficult? Choose some other one. Doing surveys and not recorded? Report to the managers. I have done quite a few Surveys, but don’t think any well recorded into the system. But the other tasks seems ok.

5. SHARE: this and that, well just follow the instruction. I am preparing my videos for those tasks.

6. QUIZ / TRIVIA / etc: Just learn, study, ask friends, play, try, have fun. Eventually, I realize that I can not hate games anymore as through games I can make money, too!

Now, even while doing this Tap To Earn or Tap2Earn – I split my activities into: Jobs, Business, Ministry, Play/Games.

Curious enough now to join in? Don’t only click or even swing the cat, but be my referrals and let be friends – if only you can think of solutions.

As soon as you hit Submit, register and see you in the inside. Cheers! W

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