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Is mother earth self curing herself?

The world is suddenly made so quiet these days. Is this a way of our mother planet earth healing and curing itself from:

1. People’s love of money which is the root of all evil?

2. People’s ignorance caused by people’s pride which is prior to a downfall?

3. Over-populated of people with wrong concept of taking over the world by having more wives and kids?

4. People’s greediness which eventually bring about obesity societies?

5. Hedonism posh concept and way of living?

6. Self true self right concept towards the likeness of Lucifer in the process being thrown away from musically the most beautiful into most horrible noise and distraction?

7. Etc, including the at war and playing around with biological weaponry. And we are suiciding the human race ourselves? Come on, let us repent!

However as the song has been sung since many years ago: WE ARE THE WORLD, folks!


1. We belief.

2. We trust.

3. We think it were right or wrong.

4. We do.

5. We want others doing.

6. We do not want to do.

7. We do not want even to realize and think.

8. We do not want to decide things.

9. We do not want to test and find the truth behind what is legit and what is scam.

10. We do not want to get disturbed.

11. We eat and drink what we like and not what our bodies need to stay healthy.

12. We are using social media not to search GOD’s Kingdom and with all of the righteousness within. We filter every information more based on what we like or hate – hence, there is no correction and no repentance allowed.

13. We are taking things too easy.

14. We are as human is deluding him/her/it self if I may quote David Bohm.

15. Etc.

Now, we are forced to:

1. Limit our numbers humanely.

2. We need to realize as fellow human beings made different to compliment each others.

3. There is no authority which is not from the authority above all authorities.

4. We should test which one from heaven and should keep it – which ones are from hell or else and modify them or eliminate them: known from the outcome of conduct through the behaviour whether heavenly or evilish.

5. See and understand also convey that TRUTH eventually reveal IT SELF. Opinions can change the REAL TRUTH but having so many opinions on the REAL TRUTH.

6. Accept at least while we are still alive, that LIFE is a Warfare! The Giants wanting to put the littles into slavery for money and their pleasure.

7. Etc.


Just a super tiny weeny little bit can not be seen by bare eyes: Corona Virus known as Covid-19 which actually the word “corona” can be found in many cleaning products and past archive history – yet we are force to take these little guys very very very seriously. And it is well proven, that those who took these little guys so lightly got to be human proofs – being or acting as if the gigantic powerful Goliath laughing scornfully at the little red cheek musical shepherdish David.

The study is:

David sling the little round stone at Goliath’s head then David cut Goliath’s head off.

Goliath lost the battle and giving proof that his boasting over David did not work!

But now with these corona virus or said as covid-19, the Goliath we are facing is in nano or micron size!

So, sorry – faith without good deeds is dead or nothing. Never challenge GOD, folks! GOD may be crying because of those so many lost in pride and in anger souls.

So, let us stay home – accept who are healthy and should be healthy and on duty to carry on the live streaming jobs having to go to ministry centers with cautions: put on maskers, take health boosters, no touching this and that, as soon as go back home do this and that, etc.

For more information on what’s happening with this little enemies while supporting activists in prayer and deeds, please check this:

And for anybody who want to take part, please check this:

Let us stay at home and do not visit the elderly except in really need to help with caution!

In case of doubt or any sign of this Corona Covid19 virus, consult your authorized doctor or physician and keep distancing to hinder spreading in every circumstances.

And, let us play music (contact me if you want to learn music the easier ways) and sing (?) also pray until this problem is well solved and we can get back to normal living again with I do not know how many numbers of less people.

Let us pray and support our brothers and sisters being helping hands and souls of those caught the virus.


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