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Here is how an influencer monetizing killing times

How to be an influencer so we can monetize our killing time.

If only you can:

1. Refer a friend and earn $…… using the link we get when we register.

2. Earn $…….. per unique click when some one not ourselves clicking our link.

3. Earn $……. per APP installed.

4. Earn $……… per survey.

5. Earn $……… uploading videos to youtube and others.

6. Get $…………. Doing and finish an assignment task.


Why or what are we doing these all for?

Yeah, passing our killing time – and yes you are right. Agree with that.


Are you also aware that by living in societies with financial technology so advanced, we need to help our authorities testing what’s legit and what’s scam?

Only by the more people we are doing and testing programs and then proofing them ourselves, we could testify that this one is ok and that one is scam and we have to get it closed down.

Well, just like facing with this covid19 problem we are facing now – we can not only storming people’s minds with opinions upon opinions. But, if we want to find the real culprit causing the whole world this all sorts of problems – then we as the world should hunt for the covid19 patient zero.

Now, are you still with me?

Exactly the same problem with so many “making money ideas” or “money making ideas” introduced by so many money sites or opportunity sites or etc. This is the right hot time to test them all and then report one by one which one is legit and which one is only scam and has to be closed down for our better living societies. Hunting down the SCAM Zero companies.

Now, at the moment I have these below I share with you and you please share yours and your findings in the comment below. No emotional, please – we need DATA to give report to our authorities, right? So, here they are and please join in if you have not joined in. Let us prove them legit or scam. Thank you and GOD bless us for at least a reason.

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Monetize your time being a tester and report the time needed for websites to react and function.

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