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1. Any business can be very risky in loosing all of your money especially TRADING: Stocks, Forex, Option, Futures, etc even not mentioned here. Beware and be warned!

2. Being an affiliate can be part of anyone’s business or extra income. It seems so good to get commission, but – be aware and be warned! No traffic = No business = No commission! And there is “no free lunch” either. In this case, I have paid the cost to be part of my affiliate business to get traffic, to build my mailing list, helping people finding best most suitable products/services, having domains and hosting accounts, etc. So, welcome if you want to learn from/via me your fellow real living human being. So, be aware – I may get commission from any of the links I share on my media – but, beware of the money you have to prepare if you want to be successful running affiliate business even so only as additional income – at least spare your TIME.

3. Terms of Service (TOS). I only provide the contents of my media as it is being a mediator forwarding or recommending you or suggesting what I “think/opinionated” the best website I learn of. So, please make sure before you make your decision to buy things either online/offline – so, that’s why I mostly only promote products and services with Money Back Guarantees on Their Parts – not mine!

4. We are living in such a musical world, so let us live in harmony to be made beautifully in “The Almighty GOD’s TIME/momentums”. Beware of people putting importance more into “higher performing art” rather than “honesty”. I have to say “I am sorry” for having left the drama world behind me and delving more into honesty practicing “just say yes is yes and no is no as more than that is evil” while first “searching first GOD’s Kingdom and ALL of ITs TRUTH hence the rest shall be added to you and me” – among those who persist their own righteousness caused by mind programming conditioned by their “gurus”. Even going to heaven seems similar to affiliate business, but everything is all close personal connection and communication WITH “The Real Intelligence” for simplicity we call or name IT “GOD”. You are completely on your own responsibility.

5. When you pass the limited money back guarantee time by the product/service’s owner then that’s it, we can not get it back regardless piles of proofs and complaints you provide. Even with some business I did experience bad experience with some. In this case then just master his/her products I bought and get as much/many “still good” free trainings from that person only and if only he/she is really still the best person to learn from. This is the risk of “Nobody is Perfect but GOD”. But, by collaborating with the Japanese since early 1990,  I learn from the Japanese how they don’t do ReFUND – belief it or not. That’s why I post some money making warnings, too! All and every ReFund policy based on every individual company’s policy: ClickBank, JVzoo, WarriorPlus, DigiStore24, etc individuals. I have reminded you here. And please assume not only we affiliates get a some part of the price you paid, but also deducted back when you refund even though we can not get all of our marketing costs: SEO, ADS, hostings, domains, plugins, etc back. So, please consider and report to me your bad experience so together we can handle crime positively. Thank you.

6. Living is facing probabilities after probabilities. So, if I share things – they are probabilities I am made seeing, thinking, influenced, experienced, opinionated, learning, etc to help others with good intention for our all better living with passion based on more musical solution approach. Please be responsible with your own probability responsibilities. 

7, I don’t give any guarantee of any certain income or success or saved soul or happiness or any other promise but doing my best sharing things with hope can help impact people as I am also helped by others, too. Human, basically is created as a  social creature – hence let us socialize. All of and any of explanation or samples or etc are only for educational purpose only. Only GOD can guarantee you, not me! And I don’t want to play GOD.

8. Thank you for sharing my media reaching people as even only one enemy is already too many and yet millions of good friends are not yet enough.

PSWtheMusicalSolution guy: living is all about sharing.