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Calling for a free “1 finger chord guitar” sharing via live streaming.

Yes! Calling for a free “1 finger chord guitar” sharing via live streaming.

Anybody interested?

This is hopefully not for a complete total zero beginner.

Anybody could tune a guitar is good for this session. Or you have your guitar teacher ready on your side to help you. Or you are ready to learn how to tune your guitar.

The mission of this session is: How to get as many people sharing the Joy and FUN of music. And even as soon as you grab the idea and building your skill the out of the box ways, then you can start teaching others: guitar drop outs, music drop outs, music haters, etc.

This session will take around max 30 minutes or even less without any disturbance.

So, you want to learn piano or keyboard? Well, next time.

This is Easy Guitar playing first.

Anybody interested? Please leave your message in the comment below to let me know when I should set our live streaming time.

Have a good time dear fellow netizen and I’ll see you in the comment.

God bless us for at least a reason.


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