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Bitcoin Pro Contra

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We are just on the tip of technological monetery revolution it does not matter we like it or not.

Disruption by Digital Money called Bitcoin is more than just some other faces of Visa Card, Master Card, Diners Club Card, etc – even PayPal. Why? They are still based on FIAT currency from the olden day of golden based currency historically in the era of USA President Nixon suddenly changed and the gold back up was removed. Now, where have all those gold bars gone?

Now, have you ever got those fake printed money? I had, several times. Solutions really needed to overcome scams and criminals.

Yet, banking costs keep escalating. Do we still need “the middle man”?

Do we still need the money without any vivid precious metal as guarantee of the value?

How long more we still can or should trust the fiat currency with “In GOD we trust” as a matter of fact there is no more GOD’s GOLD in it but the guarantee of a country with growing debt escalatingly?

To be or not to be and that is the question, but the hidden facts are:

1. Cryptos are based on the digital language, which is 1 and or 0 – or believe it or not: Yes is yes and No is no. Ever thought of that? It will take a special seminar day just for that.

2. Digital money as said and told needs 666 code as sort of parity bits. Ever thought that 6 is known as the number of human kind? And 666 as the number of Evil or The Devil? Interesting huh?

3. Life is a war between the good and the bad. So, as BitCoins. It is all depends on who is behind all this and is working on to be the top government riding the system. This can be a system with which we can live more humanely in full of love and kindness – or in contrary – under which we will be enslaved for the rest of our life while still living here on earth.

4. The love of money is the root of all evil yet we need money as bartering media. When money is only number without any physical fact, means of collecting money by inducing war, pandemic, evil tradings, money laundering, scam, fake print money, etc – at least can be diminished. Only and if only the process of FIAT currency to BITcoins conversion is seriously well managed for good, otherwise this will be another ways of money laundering. Beware! The love of money is the root of all evil! Thieves and Robbers tend to be smarter than the police!

5. The fact is “We are The World”!

6. Where there is no ORDER then no wonder there is CHAOS.

7. The mind is the battlefield! So, how about having lots of money with no love of money?

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